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Group Or Private Dog Training
Dog Training Boston MA
Clients often want to know which is the better starting point for their dog - group classes or private training.

For young, vaccinated puppies, a group class can be a great place to provide positive and safe dog-dog interaction needed to help pups develop and maintain their canine social skills and grow into well-adjusted, dog-friendly dogs. Group classes are also an excellent environment in which humans can learn about canine body language, play and other social interactions. Clients often wonder what range of canine play is safe or "too much." When should we intervene? When should we let the dogs work it out? A group environment is the best context in which to learn about and practice such observational skills.

In addition, puppy classes allow you to lay the dog training foundation for basic safety cues and manners needed by all dogs in a fun, supportive environment.

For older dogs who have passed the age of easy socialization, a group class is a good starting place IF the dog is comfortable with and friendly towards dogs and people. If desensitization work or behavior modification are needed, private lessons are definitely the better starting point.

However, some people simply find it easier or more convenient to learn the basics in a one on one environment with few distractions, according to their own priorities and schedule. Once the dog is reliable in an at-home or low-distraction environment, private training can be done in gradually more distracting public environments, or the student may prefer to practice amidst the controlled distractions of a group class environment.