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Visit the Animal Rescue League’s website at

Visit the MSPCA’s website at

Visit the website of Alliance for Animals at

Visit Buddy Dog Humane Society's web site at

We are always updating our list of resources for the Picture Perfect Pets community. We plan to expand this section to include veterinary services, rescues/shelters, pet supply stores, pet sitters/dog walkers/pet services in general -- and also the businesses and organizations of our friends and clients even if they are not directly pet related. This is meant to be a true community resource section, so we're including resources that may of use to both our pet and human clients.

If your favorites aren't (or your own business or organization isn't) listed among the resources, feel free to contact Bette to make a recommendation.


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Fine print: not all submissions will neccessarily be approved for inclusion. If in doubt, contact Bette before submitting your listing for consideration.

Check back often...more to come soon...